Tory leadership rivals split over Brexit deadline

The ex-Commons leader stated she had a strategy to get a”managed exit”, including that Parliament would”never prevent us departing”.

However, her rival Mark Harper stated it was”impossible” to depart by 31 October, while Matt Hancock stated Brexit couldn’t be solved by”threatening no price”.

Ten candidates are in the race to become leader – and PM.

Even the European Union has said the arrangement won’t be re-opened, together with main negotiator Michel Barnier insisting”a brand new prime minister won’t alter the issue”.

What possess the leadership contenders mentioned about Brexit?

“Our nation and our party cannot manage any more indecisiveness.”

The Brexiteer MP set her out strategy to find what she calls a”managed depart” in the European Union, including striking a”temporary trade arrangement” and a strategy to negotiate contingency agreements with EU leaders over the summer recess.

However, at his official campaign launch, Mr Harper – an outsider at the race said that it was”not credible or possible” to depart on the conditions of a new agreement by the present deadline of 31 October. Obtaining and renegotiating he explained.

Meanwhile, Health Secretary Mr Hancock – who’s competing for the best job – told BBC Radio 4 Today programme his strategy was”eminently deliverable” by 31 October, since the EU was receptive to altering the political statement component of this arrangement.

“We will need to resolve Brexit and we can’t do it by threatening no price,” he explained, adding:”Parliament won’t permit a no-deal Brexit to occur.”

However, Home Secretary Sajid Javid, who’s also running for leader, reiterated that though he desired a revised deal,”when we must end of October and the decision was between no bargain or no Brexit, I would select no bargain”.

Mr Javid published a campaign movie on Tuesday afternoon , also BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg states it’s the first major effort by a candidate to convey a personal narrative, introducing audiences to his loved ones and history.

What else possess the leadership candidates stated?

At her official launching, Mrs Leadsom introduced many policies, such as using international development aid to assist poorer nations to decarbonise, assisting young people to save for a home deposit using a brand new scheme and much more money for the authorities.

When contested taxes – motivated by Boris Johnson’s assurance to lower income tax for people who earn over 50,000 annually – she stated she thought in reduced taxes.

On Monday, Mr Johnson – that has to a perform a significant effort look or TV meeting – stated he’d use money now put aside for a no-deal Brexit to increase the 40 percent tax rate threshold to #80,000.

Taking a swipe at the thought, Mr Harper said he’d concentrate his tax cuts”at the end of the spectrum”, including:”I really don’t believe we ought to really be promising more money to higher rate taxpayers”

In addition, he said the absence of a bulk meant certain things wouldn’t be deliverable as Brexit revealed, it had been”poisonous” to make claims rather than fulfil them.

Before, Rory Stewart cautioned his leadership competitions against providing”cheap electoral bribes” to win aid, stating party members that will pick the following PM were”brighter than this”.

Instead of being”directly” with individuals, he said competitors had vowed”eye-watering” tax cuts worth #84bn.

Mr Johnson – enticed by Michael Gove along with other candidates of”hiding in his eponymous” since he hasn’t conducted any incidents or broadcast interviews thus much – is starting his campaign Wednesday.

Vintage/Classic Clothing – A Definition

vintage clothing

The term”classic” is generally talked about to refer to garments that is around 20 – 100 years old that’s also definitely representative of this age where it was created. It might be stated that to be known as the bit that was classic should reflect trends and styles.

Vintage clothing can be superior mainstream or even haute couture style labels; it may be utilised, fresh (out of deadstock), made, or handmade.

It’s necessary to see the definition of classic is fluid, therefore every decade brings forth fresh items which fit into this class. It’s also important to see that all classic will gradually become classic — clothes 100 years old or more to really be considered as classic.

Timeless style, instead of classic, means a bit stays stylish through the years; in different words, it doesn’t reflect the age in which it had been created but instead transcends all eras, with slight design alterations. Cases of classic fashions are the small black dress, button-up white tops, trench coats, pumps (design, not elevation or type of heel) and blazers. So a tiny black dress in the 1980s, for example, are classic, not classic, even though a blazer with important shoulder pads out of this age would be classic.

Cases of Classic by timespan

  • 1920s: long beads, flapper dresses, heeled Mary Janes, and T-strap shoes.
  • 1940s: Straight tweed and wool plaid skirts, reptile purses and shoes, platform sneakers, brooches.
  • 1950s: Total skirts and petticoats, shirtwaist dresses, fur trim, twin sweater sets, strings of pearls, Wayfarer sunglasses.
  • 1960s: Historical — Whatever Jackie Kennedy design — tasteful box-jacket matches and pillbox hats; overdue — bell-bottom jeans, flowing shirts, hippie/bohemian style.
  • 1970s: Platforms, Birkin bag, flare jeans, boho-chic, boots (particularly thigh-high), block insides, khaki.
  • 1980s: gold chains, izod golf shirts, sweaters and blazers with powerful shoulder pads, stilettos.
  • 1990s: Baggy flannel tops, leggings, large sweaters, chokers.

How to Purchase classic clothing

Look for the best place to buy vintage clothes if you wish to wear classic. What you will find is clothes that is old, although you may find pieces in stores . In shops that are classic, you’ll come across a group of also a owner along with bits to assist you.

Do it, if you enjoy pieces from many eras. But concentrate on accessories which it is possible to pair to your contemporary clothing for a bit of classic as opposed to mixing several Victorian fashions.

keep in mind about clothing sizes: Women’s apparel dimensions have changed with time. A guideline is that a bit of clothing from the 1950s or ’60s is marked 4 to 6 dimensions bigger than contemporary sizing. A dress will be 6 now. Don’t freak out about the dimensions on the tag. As you get nearer to the present time, for example, a bit of clothing created in the late ’80s or’90s, it is possible to anticipate that dimensions will probably be in line with what you wear today. Constantly try a bit to make sure it actually fits you before you purchase.

Brexit Deal Vote Brought To Commons by PM

Theresa May can make a third attempt to receive her EU withdrawal bargain through Parliament at another week.

She told MPs that when her bargain fails to receive their financing, a protracted delay to Brexit could be required.

The prime minister’s warning comes before a Commons vote in the future if to request the EU for permission to postpone Brexit past 29 March.

MPs voted Wednesday day to deny a no-deal Brexit under any situation .

No date has been set to the next so”purposeful vote”.

What happened ?

At a night of high drama on Wednesday, the Commons first surfaced on an amendment to deny the UK departing the EU with no deal under any conditions, with a margin of four.

This meant the government’s authentic movement – that had said that the UK shouldn’t leave the EU with no bargain on 29 March – had been altered at the last moment.

The authorities needed to maintain charge of this Brexit procedure, and maintain no-deal on the desk, so that they then arranged Conservative MPs to vote against their own movement.

That strategy failed. Government ministers defied the requests and there were asserts Mrs May had lost control of her celebration.

The upgraded movement, to deny a no-deal Brexit under any conditions, was passed by 321 to 278, the vast majority of 43.

Speaking after the effect of the vote has been read , Mrs May said:”The choices before us are exactly the same as they’ve been.

“The default EU and UK law is the UK will depart with no bargain unless anything else is agreed. The onus is on each one of us in this House to learn what that is.”

Labour pioneer Jeremy Corbyn stated that Parliament should now take charge of this Brexit procedure and his party will operate round the House of Commons to look for a compromise alternative.

What is happening now?

The united kingdom authorities said there might be a brief delay to Brexit, or even a more one, based on whether MPs endorsed the prime minister’s present withdrawal bargain by 20 March – the day before the next EU summit.

On the other hand, the PM cautioned that in case the deal – that has twice been rejected by overwhelming majorities – isn’t approved, a more expansion is going to be required, requiring the UK to get involved in elections to the European Parliament in May.

“I don’t believe that could be the ideal outcome,” explained Mrs May.

The DUP – that two rejected Mrs May’s deal from the Commons – stated it had been expected to have discussions with the authorities on Thursday to determine whether a solution might be seen enabling its MPs to confirm the PM at a future vote.

A party spokesperson said that they desired to locate”a sensible bargain to get the total UK and one which works for our neighbours in the Republic of Ireland”.

How did ministers vote last night?

Mr Mundell said he supported the PM’s bargain and had consistently made clear his opposition to some no-deal Brexit.

What’s the EU expression?

On Thursday afternoon, European Council president Donald Tusk tweeted he could”appeal to the EU27 to become amenable to a very long extension when the UK finds it necessary to rethink its Brexit plan and build consensus about it”.

BBC Europe correspondent Kevin Connolly said that before approving any expansion to Article 50 – the legal tool by which the UK will depart the EU – EU leaders will want to understand”just how long an expansion the UK needs and how it proposes to utilize time”.

A European Commission spokesperson stated:”There are just two approaches to leave the EU: without or without a bargain. The EU is ready for both.

“To take no price off the desk, it isn’t sufficient to vote against no price – you need to agree with a bargain.

“Acceptable” Brexit Plan Urged On UK

The UK was advocated to submit proposals that were new to crack the Brexit impasse.

The UK has stated”reasonable” suggestions to meet MPs’ worries about being connected to EU principles had been made.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has cautioned Brexiteers to vote to the bargain of the PM or face a delay.

The PM is currently looking for adjustments that are legally-enforceable to this backstop – an insurance plan designed to stop tests but there were few signs of progress.

MPs are expected following week, to vote for another time around the Brexit deal. Should the deal is rejected by them they will be able to pick between leaving with no bargain or deferring the UK’s exit from the EU beyond the date of 29.

Mr Hammond refused to be drawn on how he’d vote if the deal of Mrs May has been defeated.

“For people that are enthusiastic about ensuring that people leave the European Union punctually it definitely must be some thing they will need to believe very, very carefully about today since they conduct danger people moving away in their favourite course of action if we do not get this deal through.”

Difficult Negotiations

Mrs May is pinning her hopes of becoming modifications if no trade deal is agreed after Brexit to the backstop which will stop the UK from being tied into customs rules.

Critics state that – when the backstop were utilised – it’d keep the UK tied into the EU.

Negotiations involving British ministers and the EU officials within the last 24 hours are described as”hard”, together with the EU insisting there’s been no breakthrough.

Diplomats in the 28 member nations were advised the Mrs May and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Monday may meet if progress has been made.

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox, who’s directing the UK group, has declared that discussions are in a sensitive stage and the trades have been”strong”.

Mr Cox, who’ll take questions has played down reports he’s left hopes of obtaining the EU to agree into the backstop or even some type of exit mechanism – needs for Tory Brexiteers on a firm date.

Theresa May under pressure to consider Brexit delay

Theresa May is currently facing calls to say if no price is in place she’d delay Brexit instead of abandon the EU.

A new strategy from a Tory MPs states ministers can postpone Brexit before 23 May”to complete negotiations”.

It’s being suggested as an alternate.

However, Education Secretary Damian Hinds advised the BBC delaying Brexit would extend uncertainty.

As she presses to get concessions the prime minister is holding discussions at a summit in Egypt.

MPs to vote on deal by 12 March

Mrs May declared on Sunday which MPs will find an original vote on her bargain by 12 March, vowing that departing as intended 17 days afterwards was”within our grasp”.

Disappointment sparked among company leaders, that are clamouring.

On Monday afternoon, the minister met with summit also is expected to hold discussions with key characters.

The prime minister has resisted any proposal that the departure of the UK might be postponed past 29.

But editor Laura Kuenssberg asserts two cabinet ministers have told the BBC they think she does give some type of concession to permit for a delay.

Such a movement would anger Brexiteers who desire the UK to depart.

At the meantime, MPs Try to block no-deal

On Wednesday, MPs will find another opportunity to put forward a range of alterations from the Commons to reveal.

One – drawn up by the Yvette Cooper and Conservative Oliver Letwin of Labour – could provide MPs the power to require a delay March when a deal can’t be consented by 13.

Ms Cooper told the BBC the move wasn’t meant to stop Brexit because it’d be around the authorities, not Parliament, to ascertain the duration of any delay.

Competing with this is a new change from a bunch of Conservative backbenchers, directed by Andrew Percy and Simon Hart, that requires a”only time limited” delay to Brexit when there’s not any formal arrangement by 13 March.

It would avoid devoting management of Brexit into Parliament, and its proposers expect it will bring support from MPs who’ve indicated they might encourage the Cooper-Letwin change a”last resort” to prevent no-deal, in addition to colleagues that are familiar with no-deal, on the premise it is going to provide additional time for preparation.

4 Design Methods Used by Structural Engineer companies

structural engineer companies

There are numerous potential tools, Every time structural engineer companies sit down to design a construction. These differ based on tastes and funding, time, business processes. In this guide, we tackle the advantages and disadvantages of each and analyse these approaches. Let us explore the processes which engineers use for layout with respect evaluation, work rate, upgrades, margin of error, and price.

1. Hand Calculations

Calculations would be the cornerstone of technology: they induce users exercise their capacity and to employ logic. Irrespective of your layout strategy that is other, a double check of your job by hand can help you maintain your technology skills and become confident on your results. .

Since it’s generally the majority of the procedures, there are a lot of constraints to hand calculations. It causes a report that is comprehensive and well-considered, but might indicate that the member is on account of the problem of iterating on a style. You’re prone to human error, by relying on this strategy alone. If assumptions are made to streamline the hands calculations, then this may result in results that are incorrect.

2. In-House Spreadsheets

Excel is an invaluable tool used by engineers to generate a outcome. Macros are also simple for engineers as they possess an analytical and logical mind, to select up. It’s an effective solution, since the’price’ is.

The constraints feature a upfront price and time, as the engineers build themselves. It requires upgrades and upkeep that have to be managed such as adjustments to keep up with prerequisites, load combinations, and present codes.

3. Freeware

Freeware gets the advantage of being liberated. Free Design Software may be a method when you can gauge the forces to compute your layouts. Most provide the reports in a format that is recorded and, given your input is right, is a efficient method of completing the layout procedure post-analysis.

But, there’s a disconnect between design and evaluation: several of connectivity, members, lengths and the drives has to be entered. This protect against iteration for layout and will slow down your layout process, but is quicker than the two choices. There are delays in creating the most up Because this is free software.

4. Complete Analysis & Design Software

A Structural Analysis and Design Software is the quickest and very best way of designing your own structure. It assists the process exponentially speeds up: the consumer design and can model the members each within all forces and a single workflow, part properties and members, substances are pulled in the model. It requires a skilled operator to utilize it, Even though a software.

This method’s setback is the lack of availability, because these programs require lifetime permits and are pricey.

I would advise using a mix of any two procedures if it’s on arrangement or a member. It’s imperative to pick the procedure that best meets your style needs. Some may require the capability of members to whereas others might have to conduct design and analysis on structures which will call for analysis program that is strong.

Brexit “no deal position” puts Ministers under fire

MPs will vote on if they support the strategy of the government that they affirmed in a vote.

Only because they state it indicates support for ruling a Brexit out, brexiteers are displeased with the movement.

However, Remainers were annoyed when Mr Barclay affirmed that the government hasn’t taken March no-deal off the desk as soon as the UK renders the EU on 29.

But that’s angered some Tory Brexiteers since MPs endorsed two moves on 29 January – just one looking for an alternative to the controversial”backstop” part of this withdrawal bargain and yet another 1 backing for another move to prevent Brexit occurring without an official thing.

Downing Street has urged them not to rebel more than exactly what it describes as a”anodyne” movement.

It’s cautioned it could harm the prime minister’s negotiating position, as she attempts to make modifications to the contentious backstop”insurance coverage” from the agreement to prevent customs checks involving Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

During Thursday’s debate, former Brexit secretary David Davis urged Mr Barclay to become”clear” regarding whether there is a bargain, the UK would still be departing the EU on 29 March.

The Brexit Secretary affirmed it would but was contested by Lib Dem MP Tom Brake about why he had been respecting one Commons vote, but not another.

Mr Barclay responded the Commons”has stated two distinct things” and had passed legislation to state the UK would depart the EU on 29 March,”with a big margin” including:”The law honestly takes precedence over that movement.”

Ms Greening, a former education secretary that backs the following EU referendum, explained this strategy as”fundamentally wrong and anti-democratic”.

Fellow Conservative Dame Caroline Spelman said”equal respect” needs to be given to Commons moves including:”If he fails to do so, it’s contemptuous of the home.”

And Father of the House Ken Clarke said it was”absurd” to stay with the”random” 29 March death date if no arrangement was set up.

However, DUP Westminster boss Nigel Dodds said shooting”no price” off the table will weaken the UK’s negotiating position:”So people who involve no price to be removed the table are now playing into the hands of the chance of a no offer.”

More Brexit Deadlock breaking talks by Juncker and May

UK and the EU will hold discussions to their Brexit deal on modifications to assist Theresa May get it.

Mr Juncker ruled out adjustments that were legally-binding at the withdrawal arrangement to this backstop clause.

However he said the EU will be amenable to adding words.

Since the EU and UK Brexit negotiating teams share changes to the Offer brexit Secretary Steve Barclay and EU negotiator Michel Barnier will hold discussions in Strasbourg on Monday.

Sources say the discussions will consist of discussion of this withdrawal arrangement that was legally-binding, the Brussels reporter Adam Fleming of the BBC stated.

An EU source states the talks are an chance to obey the thoughts of the UK.

Mr Juncker and mrs May will meet again to examine progress.

The prime minister is expected to place the deal towards the end of February into a vote in the Commons.

She says that the strategy has to change if it is to acquire the support of MPs who encouraged her to find”alternative arrangements” when rejecting the agreement a month.

In their joint statement after discussions in Brussels, Mrs May and Mr Juncker stated:”The prime minister described the circumstance at the UK Parliament, along with the inspiration behind the week’s vote at the House of Commons looking for a legally-binding shift to the details of the backstop.

“She increased various choices for dealing with the issues in the context of this Withdrawal Agreement in accord with her responsibilities to the Parliament.”

Mr Juncker”underlined the EU27 won’t reopen the withdrawal arrangement” but”voiced his willingness” to amending the upcoming connection to be”harder concerning speed and content”.

Mrs May held a meeting with the Brexit co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt of the Parliament along with European Parliament President Antonio Tajani.

Mr Verhofstadt said Mrs May’d”assured us that there are a backstop” from the withdrawal arrangement.

She’s also holding discussions with European Council President Donald Tusk, who sparked controversy Wednesday by announcing there was a”special spot in hell” for individuals who dared for Brexit with no strategy to send it securely.

MPs who endorsed Leave at the 2016 referendum responded with anger to the remarks, accusing Mr Tusk of”arrogance”.

David Lidington, the ministry seen as Mrs May’s second-in-command, stated Mr Tusk’s remark”was not the most dazzling diplomacy on earth” but would”detract from what I anticipate to be a considerate and sensible grownup discussion”.

Labour’s new supply to May

Jeremy Corbyn has written to the prime ministry putting out his party’s cost for supporting a Brexit offer and also to provide talks to procure”a sensible arrangement that may win the support of Parliament and also bring the nation together”.

The Labour chief requirements incorporate a”permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union” aligned with the EU’s customs principles but with an arrangement”that comprises a UK state on future EU trade prices”.

Mr Corbyn also needs close proximity with the EU single market and”lively alignment on protections and rights” for employees to ensure UK standards don’t fall behind those of the EU.

In addition, he suggests participation in programmes and EU agencies, and agreements on keeping and security entry to the European Arrest Warrant.

The letter doesn’t mention past requirements that any deal has to provide the”identical advantages” that membership of the single market and customs union now does effectively scrapping the celebration’s”six evaluations” that was its own Brexit policy.

The BBC’s Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg stated Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer will be fulfilling the proposals to be discussed by cabinet office minister David Lidington.

Offering to assist Brexit is enabled by Tory Govt? It is not the conference coverage at the bin of Labour.

Labour MP Owen Smith, who made a leadership bid in 2016, has told the BBC he along with the others thought of stopping the celebration over the Brexit position of Mr Corbyn.

Mr Lidington said he and Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay will be inclined to talk about the suggestions of Labour with frontbenchers along with Sir Keir.

However he said Labour’s telephone to have a state in trade prices while being at a customs union with the EU was”wishful thinking”, since Brussels had mastered it out.

Understanding Brexit: Key Terms To Know

Brexit: United Kingdom Leaving the EU

Brexit can be very confusing, with many terms used on the news that for people following may need addressing, this article will cover some of those terms.

No Deal Brexit

A no deal brexit would mean that the United Kingdom leaves the EU immediately, with no trade agreements in place, meaning the UK would follow the world trade organisation rules for trade to EU countries while negotiating standalone trade deals. A no deal brexit will take place at the end of March if no deal is agreed to before then.

WTO Rules

WTO, which stands for the World Trade Organisation have a set of rules for countries and nations to fall back to if there is no other trade deal in place. Each country sets tariffs – or taxes – on items going into. For instance, cars and trucks passing from non-EU countries to the EU are charged 10% of their value. However tariffs on some farming items are much higher – dairy averages more than 35%.

Transition Period

If a trade deal with the EU is agreed, then a 21 month transition period will take place to allow time the the EU and UK to agree on their future trade relationship, although the UK would have no say in the making of new EU laws during the transition but would have to follow all EU rules, including freedom of movement.#

Article 50

Article 50 is a part of the European Union treaty that all countries agree to when they join, which outlines the way that a country within the EU can leave, with a 2 year time table for leaving once article 50 is enacted.

Another Referendum

Due to all of the controversy with the previous referendum and a lot of the misinformation that was spread, many people want another referendum to take place, so the people can again decide if they want to leave the European Union, with the proposed options being to agree with Theresa Mays trade deal, a hard exit or to remain in the EU.

Free Movement

As part of the EU terms, all members of the EU have free movement to other countries within the EU, which means that EU citizens travel, live, study and work in any member country with there being no discrimination in access to public services and benefits.

Withdrawal agreement

Theresa May has actually concurred a deal with the EU on the terms of the UK’s departure. It does not determine the UK-EU future relationship. It does consist of just how much cash the UK must pay to the EU as a settlement, details of the shift period, and residents’ rights. It also covers the so-called “backstop”, which ensures that no hard border exists in between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland after Brexit even if there’s no deal on the future relationship in place by the end of the transition period.

Those are some of the terms you will hear about brexit in the news, we hope that your new knowledge of what these mean can help you make a more informed decision about your standing on the EU.

most important leadership skills for good Agile leaders and Scrum Masters

most important leadership skills for good Agile leaders and Scrum Masters
Agile is more important than ever for use in project management, so knowing the most important leadership skills for good Agile leaders and Scrum Masters will put you ahead of the competition!

An article covering the most important leadership skills for good Agile leaders and Scrum Masters in the modern business world. This article will cover not just the hard, technical skills required, but also the soft skills to make sure that you as the reader will know everything you need not just to survive, but thrive in the modern business world where Agile project management is becoming more and more utilised.

Hard Skills

Hard skills are the technical skills needed for a task, so would be things such as knowing how to change a tire from your personal knowledge or experience.

Organisational Skills

Due to the fact that agile is all about project management the need for hard organisational skills are necessary, this means that the scrum master should be extremely organised and also be able to organise people with a flair themselves, this means thinking outside the box and integrating systems such as trello to be able to optimise your organisation and be able to organise your team in the best and most efficient possible way.

Technical Familiarity

As mentioned partially above, you need a strong familiarity with technology that can be used to optimise performance of your team and your project, this requires knowing how to use technology solutions to optimise business performance.

Strong Scrum and Agile Training

The agile project management methodology is very, very different to any other, more conventional form of project management, this means that you need to have the taught knowledge and be able to understand, from an academic point, how to be a good scrum master and how to use agile to the best of your ability for optimum results.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are skills that are not technical but are still massively useful, so come down more to the character of the individual and how they personally view and perceive things in the business environment.

Conflict Facilitation

Within a team, there will be disagreements that could turn into arguments, you need to be able to resolve these in a way that is satisfactory for all parties involved.

Servant Leader

The satisfactory leaders show, as opposed to inform. In other words, they lead by means of example and are inclined to leap in and do their fair percentage of work. studies has concluded that agencies with leaders who show off servant leadership qualities have greater satisfied personnel and decrease turnover costs through the years. Servant leadership is ready putting the needs of the entire crew before that of the person and supporting others carry out to the quality in their competencies. Scrum Masters have to show off this especially important nice through performing as part of the crew and doing their component to perform the tasks to hand.

Teaching and Coaching Abilities

You need to be able to teach people and coach them for their own success, either filling in the gaps in their hard skills regarding the work or the project at hand, or nurturing their soft skills, so they have everything they need to succeed within the project.

To Conclude

After reading this article, you should now know the most important leadership skills for good Agile leaders and Scrum Masters, ensuring that you can thrive in this modern business world!