7 Reasons to Plant Mixed Hedging

Mixed Hedging
There are many reasons to consider mixed hedging, this article will cover 7 of them!

Mixed Hedging is such a valuable form of hedging for so many reasons, the main one being that the benefits do not only apply to your own garden, but the surrounding area in general! This article aims to cover 7 of the reasons why you should consider mixed hedging for your garden and why your next purchase for your garden should be this!

1.      They are species rich

Native hedges, especially when they are mixed native hedges, are very species rich by nature, of which we mean they contain a varied mix of many forms of hedging that allow It to be extremely varied in what the hedge naturally supports, because of this you will be treated to a large diversity of animals, insects and birds visiting your native mixed hedging!

2.      Interest All Year

Due to the varied mixture and assortment of hedge species within the mixed native hedging, you will have vibrant interest all year round, with the mixed hedging delivering berries, seeds, flowers and colourful foliage all year round!

3.      Decorative Backdrop

The combination of the different types of foliage, flowers and also fruit will allow for a truly decorative feature hedge within your own garden while also helping to provide a truly beautiful backdrop for your other plants as well!

4.      Success, Guaranteed

Most mixed hedging is native, which means that it is naturalised to the specific area you are in, this by extension means that the hedging has been there for a long time, and evolved to co-exist in the specific environment, including the type of soil, humidity, rain etc. This means that native mixed hedging is a great option for everyone, even those who are new to hedging, simply because it allows for a thriving and successful hedge, no matter the experience level of the person planting it.

5.      Thriving Biodiversity

Insects and animals strongly rely on native hedging to survive, and as such, by planting a mixed native hedge, you are allowing for a thriving biodiversity thanks to the mixed hedging providing the entire ecosystem which plants, animals, insects and microorganisms all co-exist.

6.      Restoring Natures Balance

Throughout the last few years, there has unfortunately been a rather significant decrease in the amount of hedges that are planted, which in effect means there is a decrease in the amount of native wildlife species around the relevant area. This means that by going out and choosing to plant a mixed native hedge, that you are helping restore the balance of nature in your area.

7.      Easy To Maintain

While many other forms of hedging require active and constant maintenance to look great, mixed hedge plants are well known for the fact that they look the best when left to grow naturally, offering various colours and textures in an informal and laid back way that looks great no matter what, even when simply left to grow!

And that is why you should consider mixed hedging!

As you can see, there are many reasons you should consider planting mixed hedging in your garden, and while this article may only specifically cover 7 of them, the real number of benefits you and your garden will get is almost infinite!